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Monasca, an OpenStack Community project

Installing Monasca via Helm

We have a Helm chart for Monasca and all of its microservices. This can be found at Monasca Helm. The charts are hosted via github pages on

Quick Start

To install Monasca on a running Kubernetes cluster follow the following steps:

helm repo add monasca
helm install monasca/monasca --name monasca --namespace monitoring

More detailed configuration for installing Monasca can be found in the charts’ README

Default Grafana graphs

Grafana is deployed when bringing up Monasca and by default is configured with the Monasca datasource. Default dashboards are also created on install for Deployments, Namespaces, Pod, Daemonset and Nodes.

Along with that a Monasca App is installed that can be used to view/create/modify Monasca alarms and notifications.

Grafana can be accessed by port-forwarding the grafana service to localhost.

Setting up grafana port-forward:

$ kubectl get pods -n monitoring -l component=grafana
$ kubectl port-forward  -n monitoring 3000

After the above is set up you can visit grafana with the default credentials mini-mon/password.

Future Work

  • Expand on default graphs that are being created
  • Include default Kubernetes alarms on deploy
  • Intergrate Helm work into official charts