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Monasca, an OpenStack Community project

Monasca Architecture


Main components:

Deployment methods:

  • monasca-docker: Docker containers and the docker-compose development environment
  • monasca-helm: Helm charts for deployment in Kubernetes
  • puppet-monasca: puppet modules for deploying Monasca in OpenStack
  • os_monasca, os_monasca-agent, os_monasca-ui: Ansible modules for deployment in an OpenStack environment
  • rpm-packaging: RPM spec file templates and tooling for building OpenStack packages for RPM based distributions
  • Devstack may also be a valuable reference for development and as an example of how to configure the set of Monasca services.

Client libraries:

  • python-monascaclient: CLI and Python library for interating with the Monasca API
  • monasca-statsd: statsd-compatible library for sending metrics from instrumented applications to Monasca

Integrations with other tools: